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MMA Fighter Fit (2 DVD Set) Featuring the BOSU Balance Trainer

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Burn with Kearns in partnership with BOSU, is pleased to announce the release of this 2 DVD Set featuring MMA Fitness Coach Kevin Kearns and Professional MMA Fighter Marcus Davis. The production employed two other demonstrators and utlized four HD camera angles. A custom soundtrack was composed for the project as well.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport on the planet, and has crossed over into the fitness industry as a unique, fun and effective way to workout. In MMA Fighter Fit, anybody can GET FIT WITHOUT GETTING HIT.

MMA Fighter Fit with the BOSU (2 DVD Set) includes beginner and intermediate workouts that are intense, and activate more muscles to help you become fit faster. Each MMA Fighter Fit workout takes you through a demonstration of each exercise.

An MMA Fighter Fit Group Class and certification program are in development for the fall of 2013.

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